Ken Solis, M.D., M.A.    (Dr. Jump)

I got the nickname “Dr. Jump” while doing jump rope physiology research during my medical training. I won’t discuss medicine here (except for some eventual sections on medical ethics), but instead offer some information on three different topics of special interest to me:  

Jump Rope: I’ll try to cover the basic information that everyone should know who wants to try this activity plus a little more. Jump rope is much more diverse and sophisticated than most people realize For example, it has been a highly competitive international sport for some years now. P.S. I’ve been involved in a wide range of aspects of rope jumping since 1979.  You can see an example of me doing a school assembly on YouTube or by going to this website’s Ropics Show page.

Philosophy: As time allows, I will add some of my thoughts on bioethics (in which I have a master’s degree) and some other areas where I think I might have a little to offer. Somewhat uniquely, I will add graphical interpretations of some conundrums like “determinacy versus free will” and the like.  

Jump Rope

A “Jumping Front-kick Step-thru” combines a rope with a martial arts skill.


I’ll use graphics when I can to try to make philosophical issues  more interesting.

Invasive Species are a huge environmental problem. In fact, after human land/water developments, some experts believe it is the biggest cause of species extinctions and reduction in biodiversity. Kudzu vine, Asian carp and chestnut blight are just a very few of the notorious species which adversely affected entire ecological systems. My personal arch enemies are garlic mustard and buckthorn.

Invasive Weeds

Garlic mustard overrunning a park.